NY State Extends Statute of Limitations for Victims of Child Abuse

Spreading legal innovations to protect children is part of NCCASP's core mission. NCCASP supports the work of individuals passionate to create change and justice for victims of child sexual abuse, and is incredibly proud of the work that the coalition seeking justice for child victims has accomplished in New York State. The bill passed the assembly 130-3, after thirteen years of languishing in the legislature. “It gives meaning and purpose to everything I and my fellow survivors have gone through,” said Brian R. Toale, who has traveled to Albany for years to press legislators on the Child Victims Act. "The Child Victim's Act greatly extends New York’s statutes of limitations for childhood

NCCASP applauds Congress for Reauthorizing the Victims of Child Abuse (VOCA) Act

The bill signed into law on Jan 7, 2019 reauthorized Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990 for five years, at $25 million per year. This is the only Federal program solely dedicated to Children's Advocacy Centers. This legislation will also update language of the statute to reflect the latest research and trends, and better reflect the relationship between and among CACs. CACs help children who have been abused report abuse, receive justice, and become a survivor with the help of therapy all in one safe, and child friendly environment. Specifically, language is included to allow State chapters of CACs to assist local communities in coordinating efforts, including oversight and technical assis

A National Database of Child Abuse Reports Could Have Saved Him: When Only His Eyes Could Ask for He

This picture is haunting. It is lauded as a wholesome picture of a young man hugging a police officer. In Devonte Hart's eyes is a cry for help. The next time the world would hear about Devonte, his adoptive parents intentionally drove him and his five siblings off a cliff in California. When officers went to investigate in Oregon where the family lived, they found a child protective services (CPS) business card at the door. Neighbors say the siblings would escape and beg for food and the parents dispensed punishments meant to break the will of the children. They moved states three times across state lines: each time CPS was contacted regarding potential abuse. Records stayed in each jurisd

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