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Ten-year-old girl, New York

2017: After escaping to a neighbors home, police discovered a ten-year-old New York girl with burns, abrasions, and rope burns on her body. The girl's caretakers denied her regular meals, forcing her to eat only one meal each day doused with hot sauce. Meanwhile, the girl was not allowed to bathe, and was required to work outside all day without food, water, or access to a bathroom. 


Additionally, the child's caretakers took her to a local park and forced her to run with a weighted backpack. As she did so, they followed her in a vehicle which would hit her if she ran too slow, and later dragged her behind the car using rope.


Though the mother of the child and her friend, Leslie Ann Raeder and  Brandy Shaver, were sentenced to 6 months in jail and 5 years probation{1}. Meanwhile, the mother's boyfriend, the main perpetrator, received a 2.5 year afford plea for false imprisonment. [2]

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