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Jack Loiselle

2018: After extensive abuse at the hands of his father, seven-year old Jack Loiselle was left unresponsive in a coma due to starvation and dehydration, reportedly weighing only 38.5 pounds. The boy had bruises to his face and head, and chemical burns to his hands and feet.


According to prosecutors, Jack was severely dehydrated to the point of unconsciousness and that the extent of the dehydration had caused the child’s brain tissue to break down. The resulting coma left Jack with severe brain damage, and he will be unable to walk, talk or eat properly for the rest of his life.


The boy’s father, Randall E. Lints, was sentenced to just 4 to 5 years in state prison, with 3 years of probation. [4]

Jack Loiselle,


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