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 Promoting Improved Outcomes In Child Welfare Through  Law, Technology, and Science 

Projects: Service
 Scales of Justice


Understanding Where the Law Can Be Improved to Better Protect Chidren

NCCASP works with organizations across the country to identify where the legal system fails to help victims of child abuse and neglect.   The current campaign focuses on the most urgent and horrific cases - those medically defined as child torture.  NCCASP'S research documents gaps in criminal and civil law that allow perpetrators of horrendous abuse against children to face shorter sentences than if he or she stole, or hurt an animal.  Additionally, NCCASP has collected media accounts of cases where children were tortured and returned to their abusers by Child Protective Services only to die.  Educating child protection professionals on the diagnostic criteria for the medical definition of child torture is crucial to timely intervention and child safety. 

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