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J. of Child and Youth Review Publishes NCCASP's Research Study

The Journal of Child and Youth Review recently published NCCASP's study spotlighting a lack of applicable felony charges in fourteen U.S. state criminal codes for certain cases of child torture. We look forward to assisting child victims become survivors by helping them access justice.

Child torture includes a combination of two or more of the following treatments for cruelly protracted periods of time, such as:

  • intentionally starving the child,

  • forcing the child to sit in urine or feces,

  • binding or restraining the child,

  • repeatedly physically injuring the child,

  • exposing the child to extreme temperatures without adequate clothing,

  • locking the child in closets or other small spaces, and

  • forcing the child into stress positions or exercise

resulting in prolonged suffering permanent disfigurement/dysfunction, or death. [2]

The fourteen states with gaps in criminal codes are in dark blue.


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